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Laser for Nevus


In the evolving field of Dermatology, laser treatment is one of the successful procedures for many aspects of skin concerns like nevus, birthmarks, tattoos, and keloids. Laser therapy, stimulated emission of radiation, involves using concentrated light beams to target specific tissues. Laser therapy uses selective photothermolysis, including skin resurfacing, collagen stimulation, and pigment removal.

This innovation enhances the skin texture and tone.

Laser for Nevus

Nevus (commonly known as moles) are skin irregularities or pigmented skin growths due to an overgrowth of melanocytes—the cells responsible for skin pigmentation. Different types of nevi, such as Junctional nevi, compound nevi, and intradermal nevi, can be removed by laser therapy.  Laser therapy involves specific wavelengths of light to target melanin in the nevus and minimize damage to surrounding tissues. During the procedure, some factors are considered, such as size, color, and location of nevus.

Lasers for Birthmarks

Birthmarks are often harmless but can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness. The cutting-edge technologies of lasers gaining prominence in the medical field can address these skin pigments.

Birthmarks are mainly of two types: pigmented and vascular.

Pigmented birthmarks, like moles and cafe-au-lait spots, result from an excess of pigment in the skin. Vascular birthmarks stem from abnormalities in blood vessels and manifest as red or purple discolorations.

Laser therapy offers a targeted and non-invasive approach to address pigmented and vascular variations.

Laser for Tattoos

Tattoos are often chosen as expressions of personal stories, memories, or artistic flair. However, as time passes, circumstances change, and individuals may seek ways to remove or alter their inked creations.

Laser tattoo removal harnesses the power of light to break down the pigments embedded in the skin. The process involves using specialized lasers that emit high-intensity light in specific wavelengths. These wavelengths target the tattoo pigments, fragmenting them into smaller particles that the body's immune system can naturally eliminate.

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